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We'll come to meet you where you are, even to the Chatham Islands

we are

Hunter Creative gets a buzz out of discovering the extra potential of our clients. There is always more than they may see. Our job is to see what can be turned into orders, sales or preferred behaviours.


The right ideas, words and images in the right place can be transformational. Some science. Some art. Some intuition and experience.


We don't believe in design for design sake. We do believe in strong communication strategies that go a long way to ensure successful business.


Expect a ready supply of fresh and effective ideas. Take advantage of significant experience and commercial acumen and know that you'll get professional service from real people, who care.


We’re a creative shop with extensive skills and ample capacity to respond to the widest range of briefs. Use our expertise in strategic marketing, writing, design, production, placement and project management to make your brand perform online, in print and on radio and TV.


We enjoy long-term relationships with clients who we take time to understand. The more we understand, the better the results. It's over 35 years since we opened the doors.


Take a look at our work. It’s not the whole story, but we hope there’s enough to show you that we can help to capitalise on your potential.

If you think we might be a good fit, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Creative Director


Founder, Grant is a down-to-earth professional. He's focused on creating successful business through solid communications whether by words, pictures or deeds. Relationships are super important and so is the pride taken in seeing potential found.

Grant also takes on the role of in-house barista; good coffee is one of our small indulgences. Originally training as a designer, he's picked up a comprehensive bunch of communications skills over the years but finely tuned intuition and attention to detail are central to everything.




Every business needs someone to do the boring bits behind the scenes. Cathy looks after admin and says comforting things when we're flat out. We've given up waiting for her to learn how to use the espresso machine.


Canine Experience Director


There's always a welcoming bark at the front door from mini schnauzer, Cooper. There's not a visitor's pat or scratch he doesn't like.

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