Reveal your story in a compelling manner and enjoy the rewards


Hunter Creative doesn’t believe in design for design sake. We do believe though, that a strong communication strategy goes a long way to ensure successful business. Expect a ready supply of fresh and effective ideas, take advantage of significant experience and commercial acumen on tap and know that you'll get professional service.


We’re a smaller creative shop, but one with extensive skills and ample capacity to respond to the widest range of briefs. Use our expertise in strategic marketing, writing, design, production, placement and project management to make your brand perform on the web, in print and on radio and TV.


We enjoy long-term relationships with clients who we take time to understand. Take a look at our work. With more than 30 years experience, it’s not the whole story, but we hope there’s enough to show you that we can tell a decent yarn. Maybe even yours.


Creative Director

Founder, Grant also takes on the role of in-house barista; good coffee is one of our small indulgences. Originally training as a designer, he's picked up a comprehensive bunch of communications skills over the years but finely tuned intuition and attention to detail are central to everything.


Senior Designer

Originally from France, Marie trained in graphic design and spent a further two years in medical school specialising in medical illustration. If you want a hyperrealistic rendering of intestines and other organic textures, Marie's your girl!  She's a very talented designer and always, always happy.



Every business needs someone to do the boring bits behind the scenes. Cathy looks after admin and says comforting things when we're flat out. We just wish she would try a little harder to learn how to use the espresso machine.


Canine Experience Director

There's always a welcoming bark at the front door from mini schnauzer, Cooper. There's not a visitor's pat or scratch he doesn't like.

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