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Knox is a residential care facility for elders and young people living with physical disability. As New Zealand's first fully-registered Eden Alternative home, Knox is a true progressive in the care sector. Their focus is on providing superior care while combating loneliness, helplessness and boredom. They don't just pay lip service or patronise their residents; they provide real action and genuine care in a sector that has become dominated by aged-care property corporates.

Elizabeth Knox Home and Hospital is truly a unique place to be living and working. The past few years have seen this 100+ year-old charity lead the way. Knox has been redeveloping and expanding their home site while adopting and integrating the Eden Alternative philosophy. Reflecting their very individual qualities has been our job.

The Knox story challenges the common preconceptions of elderhood and disability. It is about Neil's vegetable garden, Maria's leadership skills, Joan and Betty's friendship and Picnic the sheep. Enriched with plants, animals and children, the Eden Alternative philosophy puts residents and their care at the very centre of Knox life. Companionship, variety and spontaneity means every individual is well known and continues to learn and actively shape their own futures.

How we told the Knox story

We've made the individuals and personalities the heroes who are reflected in very human imagery and fresh copywriting. While they go about their lives, we photograph residents and staff in their environment. We listen to their tales, meet their families and pets, share their memories and find ourselves increasingly engaged.


We've helped Knox to engage with a diverse range of stakeholders. We focus on promoting the propositions that the competition struggle to match and tell the Knox story with genuine heart. We leave the other aged care facilities to advertise like real estate agents.

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